About Me

Singing has always been my passion. The human voice is so complex that I was entranced with it at a very young age. Due to my exposure to Disney movies and Disney Channel, I began singing at 5 years old and would be involved in my school's talent shows! Once middle school began, I joined the chorus. Ever since the 7th grade, not one year has gone by where I haven't been in a choir. I continued my music education into my college years where I graduated with my Bachelor of Music in Vocal Performance, by far one of my proudest accomplishments so far. Following my last year of college, I opened up my voice studio. There is an intangible feeling when teaching the voice, but a phenomenon that I believe to be mutual with those I teach. There are so many aspects of vocal pedagogy and performance practice that I look forward to sharing with you. Performing and teaching are my greatest passions in life, and I can't believe that I am lucky enough to be doing this for the rest of my life!

Junior Recital
Church Duet
A Capella Duet